Adding Yoga to Cold Therapy

Also referred to as cryotherapy, cold therapy involves the application of cold temperatures on an injury to limit blood circulation in the affected area for reduced inflammation and pain. While some medical facilities have invested in high-tech cold therapy machines, most people still use ice and gel packs to treat their injuries at home.

But now physical therapists have discovered a way to incorporate yoga into cold therapy for better results. Since yoga is an adjunctive treatment, it will provide you with additional improvements that the traditional cold therapy alone can’t achieve. This article talks about adding yoga to cold therapy and the benefits of doing so.

Incorporating Yoga into Cold Therapy

When you incorporate yoga into your cold therapy treatment, you integrate both mental and physical treatments, developing a more holistic healing process. Yoga introduces the element of mindfulness, improving your connectedness and awareness of your internal experience. The good thing is that you do not have to undergo yoga training to be able to incorporate yoga into your cold therapy treatment. This combination can be used to treat numerous problems, including:

  • Dissociation
  • Runner's knee
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains
  • Arthritis pain
  • Pain and swelling after a hip or knee replacement
  • Pain or swelling under a cast or a splint
  • Lower back pain

When you use cold therapy alone, you are only able to lower your skin temperature, reduce nerve activity, and reduce pain and swelling. Experts also claim that cold therapy reduces swelling, which is directly associated with pain. It can also decrease your pain sensitivity. Cold therapy alone works best when you want to manage pain with swelling, particularly around your joints or tendons.

But when you combine yoga with cold therapy, which can include yoga flow, meditation, trippy breath work, and an ice bath, your body, mind, and spirit will get a full workout, promoting total healing. This combination is both relaxing and stimulating. Also, some cold therapy treatments like cold water immersion stimulate blood circulation and cardiovascular systems, making them stronger. Since epithelial muscles cover your cardiovascular system, they can facilitate blood circulation, sending blood to all your muscles and other organs through the veins.

Overall, a combination of yoga and cold therapy means higher energy levels and greater wellness. More oxygen and nutrient-rich blood will reach all parts of your body with improved blood circulation, promoting healing in the injured areas. For more information on yoga and cold treatment, get in touch with MyColdTherapy today.