DonJoy® Iceman Accessories

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    DonJoy® Iceman Cold Therapy Accessories

    DonJoy® has supported its IceMan® products with quality accessories for more than 20 years. All of our accessories are compatible with the complete line of IceMan products. Available accessories include wrap-on pads, auxiliary velcro straps, connectors, power supplies, and more.

    It's not enough to have top-quality rehab products for post-surgical recovery. Rehab equipment gets a workout as well and there will come a time when you need replacement parts and accessories. DonJoy has you covered.

    In the realm of cold therapy, the DonJoy Iceman Accessories Collection stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. My Cold Therapy is proud to present this meticulously curated selection of accessories, designed to enhance your cold therapy experience. With over four decades of expertise in orthopedic product development, DonJoy has established itself as a leader in the healthcare industry. Their unwavering commitment to quality and advanced technology is evident in every product, ensuring a seamless and effective recovery process for patients and athletes alike.

    DonJoy Clear3 and Classic3 Replacement Pads

    The journey to recovery often requires the replacement of worn-out pads or an upgrade for enhanced therapy. The DonJoy Clear3 and Classic3 Replacement Pads are crafted to deliver cold water precisely and comfortably to the area in need. These pads are not just functional; they are a testament to DonJoy's dedication to creating products that support and accelerate the healing process. Their advanced design guarantees an improved therapy experience, offering both comfort and peace of mind during your rehabilitation.

    IceFreeze Packs: A Convenient Alternative

    Bid farewell to the constant need for ice cubes. The IceFreeze Packs, a standout in the collection, offer a hassle-free solution to maintain the ideal temperature for your therapy sessions. These packs are designed for convenience, eliminating the mess associated with traditional ice cubes and ensuring uninterrupted, effective cold therapy.

    DonJoy Sterile Dressing Pads: Safety First

    Safety is paramount in any recovery process. The DonJoy Sterile Dressing Pads serve as a critical barrier between the cold therapy pad and your skin, safeguarding against frostbite while ensuring comfort throughout your therapy. These pads underscore DonJoy's commitment to patient well-being, providing an extra layer of protection during your recovery.

    Power Cord and Dual Connector: Enhancing Your Therapy Experience

    The Power Cord is a simple yet essential component, ensuring your cold therapy unit remains operational. Meanwhile, the DonJoy Dual Connector revolutionizes your therapy by enabling the activation of two pads simultaneously, maximizing efficiency and convenience in your recovery journey.

    Replacement Velcro Straps and Spine Compression Cold Therapy Wrap

    Maintaining the position of your therapy pads is crucial for effective treatment. The DonJoy Replacement Velcro Straps ensure your pads stay securely in place, reflecting DonJoy's attention to detail and commitment to quality. Additionally, the Spine Compression Cold Therapy Wrap, with its optimal dimensions and compressive nature, is an innovative solution for addressing lower back discomfort, showcasing DonJoy's dedication to pioneering patient-centric products.

    My Cold Therapy: Your Partner in Recovery

    At My Cold Therapy, we understand the importance of a smooth, efficient, and comfortable recovery journey. Our DonJoy Iceman Accessories Collection is just the beginning of what we offer. We are committed to assisting you in every step of your recovery, ensuring you have access to the best products and support. Our expert team is always ready to help you select the perfect accessories for your DonJoy cold therapy unit, ensuring your path to recovery is as effective and comfortable as possible.

    In conclusion, the DonJoy Iceman Accessories Collection at My Cold Therapy is more than just a set of products; it's a comprehensive solution designed to support and enhance your recovery journey. With our commitment to quality and innovation, you can trust that you're in good hands.