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SMI Cold + Compression Ice Wraps
Dianna W. (Cincinnati, OH, US)
Cold packs

Love these products!! Have used the cold packs for the first time in 2022.
They work amazingly on hips, knees and breast cancer surgeries !

Breg® Polar Care Cube W/ Universal XL Pad
LINDA M. (Houghton, MI, US)
LOVE IT!!!!!

I've borrowed one before and used ice with it. This time I've tried the water bottle method and it doesn't seem to be as cold or lasting as long as with ice. I wish there were an easier way to drain the water from the tubes but otherwise, HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting one. I just had my ankle fused for the third time - different joint.

Love Cold Therapy

It was easy to order online! I got free shipping, which was great! And it order arrived in a timely manner! All is good.
After doing my knee replacement therapy, I look forward to getting that machine and the ice water going on my knee. I will be doing the other knee later and will have this machine all ready to go again!


This is the best, and easiest, way to ice my shoulder. It works great.

Polar care wave machine

I purchased the polar care wave machine after I had my two knee replacements. It is remarkable the way it takes down the swelling and makes me feel better. Ice packs just do not do the same! The sleeve on the Polar care wave fits completely around the knee so you're getting the front and the back and it is constant ice and you can use the compression if you want to. I could not rehab without it I highly recommend it!

DonJoy® Classic Wrap-On Pads
Karen B. (McCalla, AL, US)
Great Product and Company!

This is actually a repalcement, I have had the IceMan for over 2 years. It has been a very well used and utilized. It has made it through 3 knee replacements and a reverse shoulder. Unfortunately we have hard water with lots of minerals so it was time to replace the wrap. I have had an excellent experience in the past, so this was my go to, they were prompt and exactly what I needed, I ordered this and the large shoulder wrap, just got another knee replacement in the family. I found the best price right here and received it quickly. Best Outcome;)

Excellent service and product.

The Breg polar Care Cube and shoulder pad made recovery from my shoulder surgery tolerable. Customer Service was amazing.

Great products and service

Realized a few days before shoulder surgery that I only had a cold pad for a knee. Ordered it quickly, and even though I initially ordered the incorrect one for my unit, the company caught it and shipped immediately so I had it before surgery. What a relief. Couldn’t imagine surgery without this ice machine and the right pads.

Replacement straps

These straps look to be well made and will be long enough to go around my leg and ice therapy pad. Pricing was good and shipping was quick. 4 stars only because I've not used them yet.

Donjoy® IceMan Clear3 w/ Universal XL Pad
William m. (Virginia Beach, VA, US)

this is my second unit the first lasted since 2015. and the pump started giving out. the new one version 3 is every bit as good as the first. i have bad knees and spinal stenosis. the cold therapy is a must after a hard day at work. i am very pleased. the machine works as advertised and eases the pain and inflamation wherever o put the bladder.

Donjoy® IceMan Classic3 Wrap-On Pads
Steven M. (Columbus, OH, US)

Surgery is later.

Breg® Polar Care Kodiak Cooler w/ Knee Pad
Aaron W. (Kalispell, MT, US)
Reduces pain dramatically

Highly recommend for anyone who is going to undergo a knee surgery.

Breg® Polar Care Cube System w/ Wrap-On Pads
Charlie R. (New York, NY, US)
Great Product .. Great service

I found 'My Cold Therapy' after watching many videos on YouTube .. All of their videos were excellent. Decided to give them a call. Angela was incredible nice and spent time answering all of my questions. Such a very nice person on the phone. I decided to just go ahead and order the 'Cube' model for my second knee replacement. Shipping was free and I received my order within two days. Outstanding product and really nice company to deal with. It's rare these days to find some who answers the phone, is polite, isn't out of the country and always trying to up sell. Great service

DonJoy® Iceman Classic3 w/ Wrap-On Pads
Beverly D. (Cornelius, NC, US)
Donjoy iceman classic

I’m using the Donjoy Iceman Classic 3 as I type this review. I’m 4 days post-TKR surgery and icing every day. Cold therapy is tremendously important. I especially love the extended hose and XL pad for my knee.

Ice Freeze Bags (Kit of 6)
Barbara C. (Ravena, NY, US)
A Necessity for Ice Pumps

Attempting to keep 5-6 ice cube trays full/ready was crazy! Now, with these freeze bags, simply fill 4 - use for the day - then pop them back into the freezer! They are holding up well - a great purchase!

Excellent device

This is an awesome device and shipping was very fast.

Aircast® Cryo Cuff IC Cooler w/ Knee Pad
nancy g. (Burnsville, MN, US)

My surgeon wanted me to have this for recoverey from knee replacement so I bought it early to use on my swollen knee prior to surgery. It is really slick! Easy to use and very effective at dealing with swelling.

$15 Special - Ice Freeze Bags (Kit of 12)
Reid B. (New York, NY, US)

Another great product!

Breg® Polar Care Kodiak & Battery
Reid B. (New York, NY, US)

Great product!

Ice Freeze Bags (Kit of 12)
John G. (Levittown, NY, US)
Bregg Ice Bags

These ice bags simplify the operation. Add water to the line as shown inside the Bregg machine and then add three or four bags as required. Then it’s a matter changing out the bags to maintain the cold environment for treatment.

Brigs cold therapy pads

Very knowledgeable and professional in ordering what I needed. My only issue would be with USPS. Took longer than expected.

Breg® Polar Care Wave Cold Compression Therapy System
Harvey P. (Canal Winchester, OH, US)
Worth every penny!

Does an amazing job!

I bought this unit for my rehab after knee replacement. It is so much easier for the caregiver to help instead of switching ice packs all the time. I purchased the reusable bags as well which last a long time and easy to change out. If you are having surgery I highly recommend. A little expensive but for sure worth every penny.

Worth It + Tips

Bought the shoulder wrap. Only used for a week. Works extremely well to reduce localized inflammation after surgery.

- have someone help you connect the tube because its more challenging than a stuck zipper especially if only one good arm
- it's pretty comfy so leave it on throughout the day