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SMI Cold Ice Wraps

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SMI Cold Ice Wraps K-4-IP
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The SMI Ice Wrap goes on top of, or underneath, clothing to effectively penetrate the area to provide comfort and relief from pain and/or swelling for 2-4 hours. Two frozen gel bag enclosed in a white, antimicrobial bandage layer stays firmly in place. The white layer of the cold therapy wrap acts as a skin barrier. The compression straps allow you to have full mobility while still staying cold. See below for more information. Made in the USA. One size fits most.

Packs include 1 ICE Wrap & 2 Gel Bags

Need Help Making it Through the Day?

From your morning workout to your afternoon at work to an evening spent relaxing at home, our ice wraps can help make your day free from discomfort. Try a wrap today and get on living and enjoying your life. No need to slow down or stop because you’re hurting.

WHY SMI? Because SMI ICE Wraps Will Keep You Moving

With an SMI Ice Wrap, you can move about unencumbered by tubing or power cords. Our wide, strong compression straps ensure a firm fit so your wrap stays where you put it. Our gel bags deliver cold for 4 hours so you can keep going for hours. Experience the SMI Advantage and discover for yourself that Relief truly is In the Wrap!


Features & Benefits


100% Mobility

Not tethered to any cooler or ice bags allowing for freedom of movement while wearing

Strong Compression

4-way stretch for effective compression & fit means the wrap stays in place while moving


Moisture-wicking fabric keeps condensation away – won’t harbor harmful bacteria


Gel pouch liners are antimicrobial & wick away moisture, keeping skin dry & protected

Stretch Straps

Extra wide proprietary straps hold wrap in place for ambulation

Cold 4 Hours

Non-toxic gel bags mold perfectly to the targeted area & cool for up to 4 hours


  • Class 1 Medical Device – Pack, Hot or Cold, Reusable – SMI Cold Therapy Wrap
  • Manufacturer: Complaint File Establishment
  • Registration Number: 3014527899
  • FEI Number: 3014527899
  • Owner/Operator Number: 10057529
  • SMI Cold Therapy, LLC • 60 Commerce Road • Rocky Mount, VA 24151
  • Easy Applications

    Applying one of our SMI Ice Wraps is as easy as 1•2•3. Just follow the steps below to ensure you have the best fit in order to receive the most benefits from your cold therapy compression wrap.

    • Versatile design provides support, compression, cold therapy and/or heat therapy to the foot, ankle or calf area
    • Designed for self-application if necessary
    • Allows full mobility while being used
    • Common uses: Post-operative pain & swelling relief, physical therapy, sports injuries & chronic pain relief
    • Antimicrobial liner that wicks moisture
    • Latex-Free


    Why do I need Cold Therapy?

    Pain and Swelling are two of the most unpleasant side effects of orthopedic trauma and surgery. Cold therapy is widely recognized as one of the most effective treatment methods to combat these issues. Cold therapy also helps reduce the need for pain medications. It speeds the recovery process and gets you back to the pain-free life you deserve. How does it work? It decreases fluid buildup (swelling) and slows the release of chemicals that cause pain and inflammation. It decreases pain by reducing the ability of the nerve endings to conduct impulses and provides pain relief by limiting the muscle's ability to maintain contraction which reduces muscle spasms.

    Is Cold Therapy right for me?

    Cold therapy may not be for everyone and can result in skin injury if misused. Your doctor will evaluate your medical history and any potential risks associated with cold therapy and will determine if a cold therapy system is right for you.

    How do SMI Cold Therapy Ice Wraps work?

    SMI Cold Ice wraps deliver a quick blast of cold within a comfortable temperature range then, as the gel thaws, the gel pillows will stay frozen to allow for longer-term application. The compression wraps provide comfortable compression for relieving swelling at the injury site, which aids in the healing process. The compression straps will also keep the wrap in place to allow for full mobility while continuing the cold therapy.

    Shoulder Wrap

    Foot & Ankle Wrap

    Hip Wrap

    Knee Wrap

    Knee Wrap Application

    Hip Wrap Application

    Chatting with SMI Cold Therapy VP, Dave Hambro

    Customer Reviews

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    T i.R.I.
    Long lasting cold

    A well designed, and well made, two-pocket sleeve holds two gel packs that stay cold longer than another knee wrap we own. Our physical therapist recommends using this wrap for no more than 20-30 minutes at a time, and the packs stay evenly cold for that duration. The gel packs can be too hard out of the freezer to bend to shape around a
    Post-surgical knee, but taking them from the freezer and setting them aside for 5-10 minutes at room temperature allows them to soften enough to insert into the sleeves and mold to the desired shape. Good materials, easy to use.