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    Welcome to My Cold Therapy's Breg Accessories Polar Care Cube Collection, a carefully curated selection designed to enhance and optimize your cold therapy journey. At My Cold Therapy, we believe that effective physical rehabilitation and injury prevention start with high-quality products. Our dedication to your well-being has led us to assemble an exceptional collection of innovative and versatile accessories, all aimed at complementing your Breg cold therapy experience and elevating it to new levels of comfort and convenience.

    Omni Ice Freeze Bag: Prolonged Cold Therapy

    A standout in our collection is the Omni Ice Freeze Bag. When undergoing cold therapy, maintaining a consistent cold temperature is crucial. The Omni Ice Freeze Bags offer a practical and efficient solution, allowing you to enjoy prolonged cold therapy without the constant need to replenish ice. These bags are meticulously crafted using advanced technology and superior materials, ensuring optimal cold therapy over extended periods. Ideal for addressing discomfort, inflammation, or aiding muscle and joint recovery, the Omni Ice Freeze Bags are an unparalleled solution in cold therapy.

    Wrap On Pads: Targeted Comfort and Recovery

    Our range of Wrap-On Pads is specifically designed for various body parts, enhancing the effectiveness of your Breg cold therapy system. These pads facilitate the flow of cold water, nurturing your injured area and promoting faster recovery. Breg's innovative WrapOn Polar Pads feature elastic straps that securely wrap around the joint, eliminating the need for cumbersome foam or ace wraps. Compatible with the Polar Care Cube, Polar Care Glacier, and Polar Care Cub, these pads significantly enhance the versatility and efficacy of your cold therapy experience.

    Sterile Pads: Ensuring Safety and Comfort

    Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. We recommend using Sterile Pads as a protective barrier between the cold therapy pad and your skin. Cold therapy can be highly effective, but without this essential layer, it may pose risks to your skin. These pads are compatible with any Breg wrap-on pad and are strongly advised by medical professionals to ensure your well-being during the recovery process.

    Omni Ice Carry Bags: Stylish Portability

    The Omni Ice Cold Therapy Carry Bags are designed to accommodate all Omni Ice products, including your Polar Care Cube. These bags redefine convenience and style, offering seamless portability without compromising on quality and aesthetics. They represent an ideal blend of functionality and design, ensuring that your cold therapy system is always ready for on-the-go use.

    Breg Cube Replacement Power Supply: Uninterrupted Therapy

    For continuous cold therapy, the Breg Cube Replacement Power Supply is essential. It ensures that your Polar Care Cube is always operational, supporting your recovery journey without interruption.

    Breg Polar Care Y Cord: Doubling the Usage

    The Breg Polar Care Y Cord allows you to connect two Breg Polar Care Cube pads to the machine, enhancing your cold therapy experience. This feature is particularly useful for those requiring cold therapy on multiple body areas simultaneously.

    Breg Polar Care 4 ft Extension Cord: Extended Reach

    The Breg Polar Care 4 ft Extension Cord provides added flexibility and convenience, allowing you to position your cold therapy unit exactly where you need it.

    Omni Ice Premium Cold Therapy Compression Strap: Enhanced Relief

    Our extra-wide proprietary straps are designed to drive cold therapy deep into the joint, reducing inflammation and providing greater pain relief and edema reduction. These straps ensure a snug fit without constricting circulation, improving patient compliance and overall experience.

    Breg Polar Care Kodiak Replacement Battery Pack: Mobility and Convenience

    The Kodiak Replacement Battery Pack keeps your portable cold therapy unit operational, ensuring mobility and pain relief wherever you go.

    Your Trusted Partner in Cold Therapy

    At My Cold Therapy, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality cold therapy accessories to support your recovery journey. Whether you're an athlete, recovering from surgery, or managing chronic pain, our selection of Breg accessories is designed to offer you the utmost comfort and relief. Explore our range today and experience the difference of professional-grade cold therapy solutions.