Aircast® Cold Compression Therapy

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    Welcome to My Cold Therapy, where our line of Aircast Cold Therapy products awaits to revolutionize your recovery experience. When it comes to post-operative care, injury rehabilitation, and managing discomfort, we're dedicated to providing you with top-notch cold therapy technology for an optimal healing process.

    What Is Aircast?

    Aircast is a renowned brand specializing in innovative cold therapy solutions. Renowned for its quality, durability, and efficacy, Aircast offers a range of products designed to alleviate pain and expedite recovery from injuries. Their cold therapy products, such as cryo cuffs and cold therapy units, employ advanced technology to deliver targeted and controlled cold therapy, reducing inflammation, swelling, and discomfort. Trusted by athletes, physical therapists, and medical professionals, Aircast's products prioritize user comfort and convenience while promoting faster healing. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of delivering reliable therapeutic solutions, Aircast remains a go-to brand for effective cold therapy applications..

    Aircast IC Cooler

    Experience innovation at its finest with the Aircast IC Cooler. This groundbreaking system integrates a pneumatic pump within the cooler lid, delivering automated compression and cold therapy precisely where you need it most. From ankle to knee, shoulder to back, this comprehensive system prevents hemarthrosis and offers complete cryotherapy for various body parts.

    Aircast Gravity Cold Therapy

    Simplicity meets efficiency with the Aircast Gravity Cold Therapy system. Using gravity to channel cold water to the therapy pad, this non-electric unit provides straightforward relief. Elevate the unit above the affected area for optimal performance, and enhance your experience with our recommended bed hanger accessory.

    Aircast Replacement Pads

    Keep your recovery on track with Aircast Replacement Pads, designed specifically for use with both the IC Cooler and Gravity Cold Therapy systems. Ensure consistent, effective relief from pain and swelling throughout your rehabilitation journey.

    At My Cold Therapy, our Aircast Cold Therapy collection offers innovative solutions tailored to expedite your recovery. Whether you choose the automated brilliance of the Aircast IC Cooler, the simplicity of the Aircast Gravity Cold Therapy, or the reliability of replacement pads, we've got your back. These pads provide sustained efficiency for your Aircast Cold therapy system. With prolonged use, cold therapy pads may experience wear, tear, or a decline in performance. Our Aircast Replacement Pads guarantee sustained efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted therapy sessions by replacing worn-out or damaged pads. Experience consistent relief from pain and swelling throughout your recovery journey.

    **CAUTION: This device can produce extremely cold temperatures that may cause serious injury. Please read and understand all warnings and instructions for use before using this device. Additional warnings can be found in the instructions for use.