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Aircast® Gravity Cooler System + Cryo Cuffs

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Aircast® Gravity Cooler System + Cryo Cuffs 2125
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An integrated approach to cold therapy that combines cold and focal compression delivered using a simple, gravity-fed system. Designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind.

Ideal for post-operative recovery, trauma, athletic training rooms, and home-use.

Customer Reviews

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Mark S.

If you're going to have shoulder surgery... GET one! It is AMAZING! It helps when nothing else will.

Cool relief for my knee

I used one of these 25 years ago, after arthroscopic surgery for an ACL replacement and meniscus cartilage tear. I needed to replace that one after it became brittle and started leaking. The medium knee cuff fits perfectly for my size and within just a few days, my knee's swelling from overuse has nearly returned to normal. In fact, I am back to doing all my exercises, and just need cool it in the down time. Kudos to MyColdTherapy for immediate shipping, and one of the best prices out there. Many grateful thanks.

GREAT device!

I had both peroneal tendons replaced with cadaver tendons and this device was as good as the multi thousand dollar one the orthopedic physical therapists were using. Yes theirs were powered, but add a higher platform near by this would do the same! I would alternate with the higher platform and then setting it on the floor. Gravity works! Plus the elevation was assisting with the cold water circulation. A tip, used a couple of frozen water bottles instead of ice. A couple of years later, I used the set up again for a Jones fracture with screw fixation. Absolutely worth the money! Portable!

John R.
Aircast Cryo Cuff IC.

I was in the market for an ice therapy machine to help reduce swelling for an upcoming knee surgery. I came across My Cold Therapy during a google search. I am extremely please with the service. I had a question about the item and when I called I was very please to speak to a real person not some robot answering machine. The person I spoke to was a big help. I ordered what I wanted and the same day it was shipped. I have tested it out so I am ready for post surgery and I feel this device will do the trick.

Mark C.
It's It's a cooler

It's a cooler that works with gravity- am I reviewing gravity? Ok, gravity works