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    Aircast® Cold Therapy Accessories, Replacement Pads and Parts

    Welcome to My Cold Therapy's Aircast Accessories collection – your dedicated partner in the journey to recovery post-surgery. Our handpicked range of Aircast Accessories is carefully designed to elevate your rehabilitation experience, ensuring comfort and convenience during this crucial phase.

    About Aircast

    For over three decades, Aircast has been a pioneer in innovative care for sprains and injuries, setting a new benchmark in medical supports. Trusted by both medical professionals and individuals, Aircast Braces & Supports have revolutionized patient care through cutting-edge technology.

    Aircast's commitment to excellence is reflected in their unwavering dedication to the "functional management" concept, rooted in rigorous scientific methods. This approach forms the foundation of their product development, ensuring that each brace and support meets the unique needs of patients on their road to recovery.

    Among Aircast's remarkable creations stands the renowned Aircast® A60 ankle brace. Recognized for its lightweight design and exceptional support, this brace isn't just a necessity for ankle support; it's a game-changer that empowers you to pursue your passions and activities with confidence.

    At My Cold Therapy, we stand by Aircast's pursuit of excellence and patient well-being. With a legacy built on technological advancements and a commitment to scientific rigor, Aircast continues to redefine patient care, one brace and support at a time. Trust Aircast to be your partner in the journey to recovery, and witness the difference that innovation and quality can make in your pursuit of an active and healthy life.

    Aircast Cryo Cuff Replacement Cuffs

    The core of the Aircast Cryo Cuff system, our Replacement Cuffs efficiently deliver cooling relief. These cuffs receive water pumped through a hose, filling the pad and cooling the recovering area. Ensure your Cryo Cuff performs optimally with these essential replacement cuffs.

    Omni Ice Universal Cold Therapy Velcro Straps

    Secure your cold therapy pads effortlessly with our Omni Ice Universal Cold Therapy Velcro Straps. This pack of three straps features strong Velcro pads for easy adjustments, ensuring a comfortable fit during your recovery.

    Aircast Cryocuff Tube

    Upgrade your Aircast Cryo Cuff system tubing with our Cryocuff Tube Assembly. The insulated tubing maintains water temperature, delivering consistent soothing cold. Effortlessly connect the cooler to various Aircast pads for targeted relief.

    Aircast Replacement Lid

    Never overlook the importance of a replacement lid for your Aircast Cryo Cuff Tube. Keep your system functioning optimally with this essential component.

    Omni Ice Freeze Bags

    Omni Ice Freeze Bags are the game-changer you need in your cold therapy routine. Bid farewell to the hassle of using ice cubes and embrace recovery with ice-cold comfort. These bags excel in retaining and delivering optimal cold therapy, making them your go-to choice for extended recovery sessions.

    15 Inch Universal Cold Therapy Straps

    Our 15 Inch Universal Cold Therapy Straps are perfect for Breg, DonJoy, and Aircast cold therapy machines. This pack of two straps ensures your cold therapy pad stays securely in place with strong Velcro pads, enabling effective targeted recovery.

    Omni Ice Premium Cold Therapy Compression Straps

    Enhance your recovery with Omni Ice Premium Cold Therapy Compression Straps. Designed for a snug fit without compromising circulation, these straps maximize patient comfort and compliance. Their thickness and weave provide compression while ensuring you receive the utmost benefit from your cold therapy.

    Omni Ice Cold Therapy Multi Use Travel Portable Carry Bag

    For ultimate convenience in cold therapy, our Omni Ice Cold Therapy Multi-Use Travel Portable Carry Bag is a must-have. Safely transport your cold therapy unit with ease, ensuring it's always on hand when needed. Stylish and functional, this bag accommodates all Omni Ice products, facilitating hassle-free cold therapy on the go.

    At My Cold Therapy, your recovery journey is our priority. Explore our Aircast Accessories collection and equip yourself with tools that make rehabilitation more manageable and comfortable. Get ready to recover like a pro with My Cold Therapy's Aircast Accessories.