Donjoy® Knee Bracing

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    Donjoy® Knee Bracing 

    Donjoy knee braces are HSA/FSA eligible


    For over four decades, DonJoy® has stood as a beacon of excellence in the realm of athletic and rehabilitation bracing. This brand has consistently raised the bar for performance, durability, and tangible results, becoming synonymous with quality and innovation in orthopedic care. The journey of DonJoy, which began more than 40 years ago, marked a significant milestone in the field of functional knee bracing, such as the renowned DonJoy Playmaker II. This pioneering step has since become a cornerstone in orthopedic treatment, illustrating the brand's commitment to groundbreaking solutions.

    Donjoy® knee braces prevent injury and provides Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) protection during recovery from knee injury, as well as prevention of future knee injuries.

    We know athletes don't want to be held back by knee injuries, and often ignore damage they are doing to their knees during peak performance times. 

    Our innovative line of orthopedic performance knee braces are designed specifically with the performance athlete's dilemma in mind. Stay in the game despite injury and dominate your competition with active injury prevention measures. 

    Donjoy® is a leader in performance bracing. Stay protected from injury without feeling weighed down by bulky braces that impede your motion. Donjoy® knee braces come in a variety of supports from minimum protection (full motion), mid-level support to maximum protection (restricted movement).

    Don't be afraid to get on the field, on the court, on the road, or in the gym. Shop advanced knee bracing technology by Donjoy® today!

    Global Recognition and Trust

    DonJoy's influence is not confined to any single region; it spans across the globe, reaching athletes and patients in over 44 countries. This widespread acceptance is a testament to the brand's dedication to delivering products that are not only effective but also reliable. No matter where you are, the name DonJoy resonates with confidence and trust, a reflection of the brand's unwavering commitment to excellence.

    The Journey to Recovery: A Partner Every Step of the Way

    Understanding the complexities of sports rehabilitation, DonJoy extends beyond just providing exceptional products. The brand is known for its comprehensive approach to care, offering support and guidance throughout the recovery process. This holistic approach ensures that athletes and patients are not just equipped with high-quality braces but are also supported in their journey towards recovery and beyond.

    Pioneering Innovations: Shaping the Future of Orthopedics

    DonJoy's legacy of innovation is evident in its history, starting with the introduction of functional knee bracing. Innovations like the DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite, with its dual-pronged strap, have revolutionized the treatment of patella femoral dysfunction, significantly reducing discomfort and aiding in faster recovery. The brand's commitment to innovation continues to thrive, with ongoing investments in research and development to meet the evolving needs of athletes and patients. Products like the DonJoy OA Reaction Knee Brace exemplify DonJoy's dedication to staying at the forefront of technology, ensuring their solutions are not just effective but also user-friendly and adaptable.

    A Global Impact Paired with Localized Care

    DonJoy's reach is global, yet its impact is personal. The brand's products are trusted by individuals in more than 44 countries, underscoring its reputation for quality and efficacy. This global presence is balanced with a local touch, ensuring that each patient and athlete receives not just a product but a comprehensive care experience. This balance of global influence and localized care is what sets DonJoy apart in the field of sports rehabilitation and orthopedic solutions.

    A Partnership in Recovery and Prevention

    Choosing DonJoy® braces means embarking on a journey of recovery and injury prevention with a trusted partner. DonJoy represents more than a brand; it's a commitment to excellence and a pledge to support you at every stage of your journey. Whether you're an athlete aiming to regain peak performance or someone on the path to recovery, DonJoy's braces serve as allies in your pursuit of an active and fulfilling life.

    My Cold Therapy understands the challenges on the path to recovery and is committed to being your partner in this journey. Our comprehensive ecosystem includes top-tier products, dedicated customer support, robust warranties, and educational resources, all aimed at empowering individuals in their rehabilitation and injury prevention efforts. When you choose DonJoy through My Cold Therapy, you're selecting a trusted partner dedicated to your well-being and success.

    In conclusion, DonJoy® represents a legacy of innovation, quality, and unwavering support for patients and athletes globally. With a rich history of over four decades, DonJoy continues to lead in the development of functional knee bracing and orthopedic solutions. Available in over 44 countries, their products have earned the trust of medical professionals and patients alike, offering not just superior orthopedic products but also unparalleled customer service and educational resources. With DonJoy, you're not just choosing a brace; you're embracing a future of active, fulfilling living.