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Aircast® Cryo Cuff IC Cooler w/ Knee Pad

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Aircast® Cryo Cuff IC Cooler w/ Knee Pad 11C
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Aircast® Cryo Cuff IC Cooler w/ Knee Pad

The Cryo Cuff IC System is a precision engineered cold therapy product that is designed to integrate with RICE-type rehabilitation methods. It combines focused compression with cold therapy. Simple, direct design and straightforward operation makes this cold therapy device ideal for post-operative recovery, athletic training, and home rehab therapy regimens. Cryo Cuff IC combines intermittent compression with cold therapy to provide optimal control over swelling so you minimize discomfort and reduce the risk of hemarthrosis or edema. Cryo/Cuff wraps are available to treat a wide range of conditions.

A new integrated pneumatic pump within the cooler lid provides automated compression and cold therapy. Cyclical compression mixes chilled water inside the cuff and maintains pressure necessary to help prevent hemarthrosis and provide CryoTherapy. The Cryo/Cuff IC features a 30-second cycle that provides for automatic intermittent compression, along with specially designed pads for ankle, knee, shoulder and back, hip and ribs, anatomically designed to completely fit the body providing maximum cryotherapy.

  • An integrated pneumatic pump within cooler lid provides automated compression and consistent cold therapy.
  • Intermittent cold and compression therapy are clinically proven to help reduce post-operative swelling and restore range of motion.
  • Cryo/Cuff IC provides both a motorized system as well as a gravity function for flexibility of care.
  • Whisper quiet motor, an insulated cuff, and quick pad disconnect make the Cryo/Cuff IC flexible, durable, and mobile.
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    • Thigh Circumference Medium Knee Cryo/Cuff 18"-23"
    • Thigh Circumference Large Knee Cryo/Cuff20"-31"


    Small Knee:

    Medium Knee:

    Large Knee:


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 55 reviews
    Edwin B.
    New best friend

    Just had knee replacement surgery and the Cryo/Cuff has been a life saver.

    Great aid to healing

    Following total knee replacement, this machine solved the need for frequent icing. It is simple to use and supplies ongoing treatment with gentle compression.

    Robin F.
    Works and is Convenient

    Years ago we had a cryo cuff with a knee attachment for my son’s knee surgery. I had used it myself from time to time and loved it. Unfortunately, we loaned it to someone and it was returned not working. So when I got my knee replacement ( one of 2 needed) I thought it would be a good investment to purchased one for myself. It stays cold longer than an ice pack and I like the gentle compression plus the knee cuff stays in place better than our gel packs with the sleeve.

    Rosemarie L.
    Perfect for Knee Replacement Surgery patients.

    Just had Knee Replacement completed 12/1st. This was a fabulous set-up & so easy to use. The motorized system delivered the ice cold water to my knee effectively, without a leak & with ease. Tried water with ice filled bottles, blue ice bricks but actually found having pitchers of refrigerator cold water with lots of bought ice to be most effective. Highly recommend this product 100%!
    Test it first prior to surgery so you become familiar to its operation.


    Set up was quick and easy to use. It is nice not to have to mess with an ice pack and all that it entails. The constant cold from the Aircast is consistent and there is no mess. Does exactly what it says it will do. LOVE IT!