Applying and Adjusting the Exos 631 and 637 Model Back Braces

In this educational video, Mike Thaler from Donjoy introduces two advanced models of back braces, the Exos 631 and Exos 637, as part of their series on medical products and cold therapy. Both models arrive in a bag clearly labeled with their respective model numbers. As with all rehabilitation products, it's important to verify the model number of your item so you can be sure you have the model you ordered. Remember, once you open the packaging, it can't be returned.

The Exos 631 includes an interior panel that Velcros into the brace, similar to the previously discussed 627 model. A key feature of the 631 is the addition of a semi-rigid plastic lumbar panel, which offers enhanced lumbar support compared to the 627. This panel incorporates plastic sliders for adjustment.

The Exos 637, an upgrade from the 631, retains the interior panel, corset, and rigid back panel of its predecessor. Its distinctive feature is the inclusion of additional side wings, providing even more support. The fitting process for both the 631 and 637 mirrors that of the 627 model. It involves measuring one inch above the widest part of the patient's hips, as demonstrated with the patient, Steve, who measures at 36 inches. The brace is then adjusted to this measurement using corresponding tape indicators on the brace.

Exos 637 Form II

The adjustment mechanism in these braces includes 'bers' on both sides. When engaged, they allow for tightening of the brace, and when disengaged, they enable the release of the strings. To fit the brace, the patient's right hand is placed in a mitten-like pocket, ensuring the panel faces up. The brace is then positioned over the top of the sliders to engage fully with the lumbar panel. An additional abdominal panel is secured around the abdomen for extra support.

To ensure comfort, the dials on the brace are pushed in and turned clockwise, adjusting the tightness to a comfortable level. To remove the brace, the dials are pulled out, releasing the tension and enabling easy removal. The abdominal and lumbar panels remain attached to the brace, facilitating easy re-application.

The primary distinction between the 631 and 637 models is that the 637 includes additional side wings on the lumbar panel for enhanced support. Both models retain the semi-rigid back panel and interior panel. The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to contact Donjoy with any questions or concerns, providing contact details for further assistance.