Best Products for Lower Body Football Injuries

Lower body injuries are the most common injuries in professional football, especially because the nature of the game makes players more susceptible to injuries. Some of the most common lower body football injuries include ankle sprain, shin splints, anterior cruciate ligament tear, and many others.

While players are required to wear protective gear that minimizes the risk of getting injured, some of these injuries are unavoidable. So, you have to be aware of the easiest and most effective ways to treat these injuries so that you can return to the field as quickly as possible. This article discusses the best products for lower body football injuries.

Best Products to Treat Your Lower Body Injuries

DonJoy Stabilizing Pro Ankle Brace

This ankle brace is designed to match the needs of professional athletes who need to recover fast to go back to the field. The brace features 800D airborne nylon and a strengthened eyelet area for exceptional performance and resilience. It also has a full circumferential flexible strap that locks all strapping and offers tibia/fibula density and stability. Its lace-up design and figure-8 strapping help to lock your calcaneus into place, thus controlling inversion/eversion.

This DonJoy ankle brace is removable and has an articulated lateral firmly fixed in place to enhance your ankle’s stability. Besides, this brace is designed to fit perfectly into your athletic and street shoes. Its universal fit makes it ideal for both right and left legs.

ProCare Pre-vent Knee Crutch Pad

This knee crutch pad is made of a breathable interface with fiberfill coating to offer you enough cushioned support. It also features a water-resistant outer lining and a hook and loop closure to ease use and removal. This pad is suitable for postoperative support and cryotherapy applications.

Aircast Knee Cryo/Cuff

This is a special knee pad designed to help you reduce pain and inflammation in your knee when you sustain an injury. It is anatomically shaped to ensure that it covers the entire knee. This pad is commonly used in compression and cold therapy. Its detachable cooler ensures that you continue to receive uninterrupted treatment. Furthermore, it comes in several adult and pediatric sizes.

Dura Soft Surgical Foot/Ankle Pad

This foot/ankle pad features a universal design that allows you to use it on both legs and other parts of your body, including limbs, knees, and shoulders. Furthermore, it is designed to penetrate even surgical dressings to minimize pain, swelling, and secondary hypoxic tissue injury.