Best Products for Upper Body Football Injuries

As a football player, you are susceptible to various upper-body injuries, including sprains and strains to the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, acromioclavicular joint injuries, shoulder subluxation, shoulder dislocation, stinger injuries, among others.

While wearing protective gear helps minimize the risk of getting injured, some of these injuries are inescapable because of the nature of the game. Luckily, many reliable products can help you to treat these injuries when they occur. Continue reading to learn more about the best products for upper body football injuries.

Best Products for Treating Upper Body Football Injuries

Dura Kold Back Wrap

This back wrap features an ice mat sewn into it to keep the ice water pillow in position. It also makes the wrap easy to apply. This Dura cold therapy product is designed to penetrate your surgical dressings effectively. Therefore, you can wear it comfortably for postoperative treatment.

Dura Kold Neck Wrap & Dental / TMJ Wrap

This is a special cold therapy wrap designed to provide extended treatment for neck and jaw injuries. Its universal fit design makes it easy to apply and ideal for use by everyone in your family. It helps to minimize pain and inflammation in the neck and jaw.

Dura Kold Shoulder/Hip Wrap

This shoulder/hip wrap is specially designed to keep you comfortable and dry while allowing you mobility. It features an ice mat sewn into the wrap to keep the ice water pillow in position and easy to apply. With this shoulder/hip wrap, you will enjoy two hours of uninterrupted cold therapy. It is also designed to penetrate your surgical dressings. That’s why it is highly recommended for postoperative treatment.

DonJoy FreezeSleeve MD

This is a revolutionary cold therapy compression sleeve designed to offer you cold therapy in 360 degrees. Its 100 percent coverage makes the treatment more effective, reducing inflammation and pain in the injured area within a short time. It is also suitable for postoperative treatment because it’s able to penetrate surgical dressings.

Besides, this FreezeSleeve MD features a universal-fit design that enables you to use it in different parts of your body, including arms, elbows, and legs. It also contains a specially formulated antimicrobial non-toxic gel that gets rid of bacteria and fights odor. Moreover, this sleeve pad has a pre-treated waterproof and antibacterial fabric. Its easy, self-slip-on design allows you to wear it without assistance.