Breg Polar Care Line of Products

The Breg is one of the popular manufacturers of premium, high-value sports medicine products designed to advance a patient’s orthopedic care. The company has been producing remarkably easy-to-use products and partnering with thousands of clinics and orthopedic surgeons in the United States to ensure that patients get the best care.

It has also created integrated delivery networks to deliver sports medicine and rehabilitation products to over one million patients every year. One of Breg’s most popular lines of products is the Polar Care products. Continue reading to learn more about this Breg Polar Care line of products.

Polar Care Wave

This is a small system designed to help you apply cold and compression to an injury. It combines powered cold therapy with dynamic compression to help you reduce inflammation and pain while optimizing your recovery. This system is ideal for both domestic and hospital use. You can carry it to the hospital, your house, training room, physical therapy clinic, or anywhere else you want to continue treating your injury.

Polar Care Cube

This is a simple cold therapy system that uses ice and cold water to treat soft tissue injuries. Its compact and simple design makes it ideal for home and hospital use. However, you have to continue adding ice and water to keep it effective. You also need to cover your skin with the pad to avoid frostbite.

Polar Care Glacier

Unlike other cold therapy systems, this Breg Polar Care Glacier system is designed to balance the needs of the patient and the doctor. It has great features that make it ideal for hospital use. However, it requires you to keep adding ice and cold water for maximum effect. You are also required to insulate your skin with a pad when using this cold therapy machine to avoid frostbite.

Polar Care Kodiak

This cold therapy system is considered the most versatile and convenient machine in this Breg’s Polar Care line of products. Its compact and simple design makes it ideal for home, hospital, and clinic use. By adding ice and cold water to this unit, you will enjoy up to 8 hours of cold therapy. Furthermore, this system is powered by batteries, allowing you to enjoy your cold therapy wherever you want. But you need to insulate your skin with a pad when using this machine to avoid frostbite.

Other special products in this Polar Care collection include Polar Care Packs, Polar Care Cub, Polar Pads, Polar Wraps, VPulse, and WrapOn Pads. Remember to seek advice from your doctor on the best Polar Care product to use for your injury.