Building Your Own DIY Cold Therapy System: A Good Idea?

For so long, people have relied on homemade ice packs to treat soft tissue injuries. But the ongoing advancements in technology have led to the development of cold therapy systems that have proved to be more effective than ice packs. Yet, many people still prefer to make their ice packs at home. While this is perfectly okay, it poses some serious challenges.

Therefore, it is important to understand the benefits and dangers of using a homemade cold therapy system. This article discusses whether it is okay to build your own DYI cold therapy system at home

Why Build Your Own Cold Therapy System?

One of the primary reasons why some people still prefer to make their cold therapy systems at home instead of buying the approved cold therapy devices is because they want to save money. But sometimes, you may be forced by circumstances to make your ice pack, especially during an emergency. Also, you could consider making your ice pack if you are treating a minor injury that doesn’t require serious medical intervention. While these reasons may be justifiable, the dangers of using homemade cold therapy systems outweigh the benefits.

Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own DIY Cold Therapy System

Homemade Cold Therapy Systems Are Unsafe

Although the step-by-step guidelines for making a homemade cold therapy system are readily available on the internet, the mixture of the suggested ingredients can be hazardous. For instance, a frozen mixture of hand sanitizer and water or alcohol is great for disinfecting the skin and treating minor cuts, but it can be highly flammable. Therefore, it can easily ignite if not appropriately handled. It can also be toxic if ingested.

And if you are using plastic storage bags to make your ice packs, it is very easy for the contents to leak out and cause severe irritation. Another risk of using homemade cold therapy systems is that your kids might ingest the contents.

Minimize Your Liability

Real cold therapy systems are designed to be safe and friendly to the user. If their contents were to spill out or their parts fail, it would be because of the manufacturer’s error. Therefore, the manufacturer would be liable for any damages caused by the unit’s spillage or failure.

Homemade Systems Are Uncontrollable

The latest cold therapy systems come with different control functions that allow you to set the right amount of cold temperature and duration of each session. This helps to prevent overexposure to cold temperatures, which can cause frostbites. Unfortunately, homemade cold therapy systems don’t have these control functions.