Cold Therapy As An Effective Treatment For Hip Arthritis

Cold compression therapy is an effective intervention to decrease pain, reduce swelling, and promote healing. The Google reviews on our cold compression devices reveal stellar ratings. However, the reviews only tell us how satisfied you were with the product, customer service, shipping, etc. I wanted to know more about the stories behind the reviews. Why did this person have surgery? Is there pain decreased? Are they now able to get back to their activities of daily living? Fortunately, one of our extremely satisfied customers lives in town and I had the opportunity to connect with him and learn his story.

Cold Compression Therapy

Dr. Paul S. is a 54 year old physician who works as an anesthesiologist. He has suffered with hip arthritis for over 10 years. His occupation and active lifestyle delayed his motivation to schedule surgery. Then finally the pain just became too unbearable! Does this sound familiar? Dr. S. used the Breg Cold Therapy System for 2-3 weeks “religiously” following surgery. He was delighted that the pad was able to wrap around his hip right where he needed pain relief the most. When I met with him he was navigating crutches with grace and a smile on his face. It was such a pleasure to see a positive outcome following a major surgery. Thanks to taking an active part in his recovery, Dr. S. looks forward to replacing those crutches with his bicycle gear in the near future.