Differences between Aspen Horizon and the Aspen Horizon Pro Back Brace lines

In a video from Aspen Medical's continuing education series, Taylor Parks compares the Horizon Classic and Horizon Pro back brace lines. This comparison is part of a broader discussion on Aspen Medical's medical products, including cervical traction and knee bracing.

After 30 years of research and development, the Horizon line has evolved to offer improved versions of its products. The video's focus is to help viewers discern between the Horizon Classic and the newer Horizon Pro lines. Parks emphasizes verifying that the received product matches the ordered part number when ordering these products.

Aspen Horizon Pro 637


The Horizon Pro, dubbed "the 2.0 version of the Horizon Classic", shares similar appearances and specifications with its predecessor, such as height and overall design. However, the Pro version boasts several advancements. A key enhancement is the improved tightening mechanism in the back of the brace. This feature provides better compression around fatigued muscles, spasming and causing pain, leading to a more practical compression level than the Classic.

Enhancements in the Brace

Further improvements in the Horizon Pro include handles at the front of the brace, enabling a more secure fit. The materials used in the Pro model are lighter and more breathable, allowing the brace to contour more effectively around different body shapes. These developments mark the primary differences between the Classic and Pro models.

Summing Up The Comparison

Parks concludes the video by inviting viewers to contact Aspen Medical with questions or concerns and providing contact details for further assistance. He also encourages viewers to subscribe to their channel and comment on the videos for ongoing updates and information. The video provides an informative guide for individuals looking to understand the distinctions between the two lines of back braces offered by Aspen Medical, ensuring they can choose the product that best suits their needs.