How To Use The Multi-Use XL Pad For Breg Cube & Breg Glacier

Recently, we had the opportunity to dive into the world of cold therapy, guided by Steve and Michelle from My Cold Therapy. They offered an insightful training session on the effective use of the Breg Polar Care Cube multi use XL pads, a tool that's becoming increasingly popular for pain relief and swelling reduction. Whether you're recovering from surgery, an injury, or just winding down after an intense weekend of physical activity, this training provided valuable insights into making the most of cold therapy. 

The Importance of Correct Application

The session began with a focus on the importance of using the Breg Polar Care Cube pads correctly. Steve emphasized the need to ensure that you have the right pad and part number, which can be found on the white label at the front right corner of the pad. He also highlighted that once the sealed bag of the pad is opened, it cannot be returned, underlining the importance of verifying your product before use.

Michelle then took over to explain the different connectors for the Cub and Kodiak systems and the necessity of ordering the correct pad. She also introduced a skin warning flyer, which is included with the pad. This is crucial as placing the cold pad directly on your skin can cause damage or frostbite. The universal protocol for cold therapy, as they shared, is 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, and it's always wise to consult with your doctor for any specific instructions.

Protecting Your Skin and Applying the Pad

To protect your skin, Steve and Michelle recommend using sterile pads available on their website or a thin towel or T-shirt. The application process is straightforward: open the sealed package, remove the dressing, and then remove the tabs from the dressing. Once the tabs are removed, you can stick the dressing onto the pad and apply it to the affected body part.

Michelle demonstrated the application on a knee, but the multi-use pad can be used on various body parts, depending on comfort. The larger part of the pad wraps around the thigh, and the straps are adjustable for a secure fit. The next step involves connecting the hose from the cooler to the pad, ensuring the connection is secure.

Setting Up for Treatment

Steve explained the optimal setup for treatment, suggesting that the cooler be level with the body part being treated, although it can work fine on the floor or a chair. Once everything is connected, including the power supply, you're ready to begin your treatment.

A Handy Trick for Ease of Use

As a bonus, Steve shared a helpful trick to make the cold therapy experience more convenient. They offer freeze bags that can be used in the cooler, eliminating the need to constantly chase

after ice. These bags come in packs of twelve, with three placed in the cooler and the rest kept in the fridge, ready for rotation. This method is particularly beneficial if you're managing the therapy alone, as it reduces the need for frequent ice replenishment.

Wrapping Up the Training

The session concluded with Steve and Michelle reiterating the importance of following these steps for an effective cold therapy experience. They encouraged feedback and interaction, inviting comments on the video to gauge its helpfulness and to foster a community of support for those using the Breg Polar Care Cube pads.

This training with Steve and Michelle from My Cold Therapy was not just informative but also empowering. It provided a clear, step-by-step guide on how to use the Breg Polar Care Cube pads effectively and safely. The emphasis on correct application, skin protection, and the ingenious use of freeze bags for convenience showcased their expertise and commitment to helping people get back to living with less pain and discomfort.

Cold therapy, when done right, can be a game-changer in managing pain and swelling. Thanks to Steve and Michelle's guidance, users of the Breg Polar Care Cube pads can now approach their therapy with greater confidence and ease. Remember, always consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice and follow the recommended protocols for safe and effective treatment.