Getting Set Up with the Exos 627 Back Brace

In a recent installment of a continuing education series focused on medical products and cold therapy, Mike Thaler from Donjoy introduces the Exos 627 back brace. The video provides a detailed walkthrough of the brace, starting from its packaging to its application.



Upon arrival, the Exos 627 is contained within a bag clearly labeled with its model number, 627. It comprises two main components: an interior panel and a corset. The interior panel, designed to rest against the front of the abdomen and at the top of the pelvis, features a Velcro portion for attachment to the brace. The corset, also equipped with Velcro, is the second component and forms the primary structure of the brace.

Exos 627 Back Brace

Mr. Thaler demonstrates the sizing process using a soft tape measure. The measurement is taken one inch above the widest part of the hip, exemplified by measuring their model, Steve, at approximately 36 inches. This measurement is then used to adjust the brace’s size accordingly, ensuring a customized fit.

A Flexible, Sturdy Support for Your Back

The brace’s adjustability for tightness is facilitated by a feature called 'boas.' When these boas are pulled out, they click, indicating that the brace can be expanded to its maximum size for easy application. The patient is instructed to place their right hand into a mitten-like section of the brace, which is then wrapped around the front of the patient. The interior panel is Velcroed inside at the bottom of the abdomen.

To secure the brace, the boas are pushed in until they click and then turned clockwise. This action tightens the brace, providing a snug fit that supports the lumbar spine, comfortably positioned at the top of the buttocks and the tailbone. Thaler demonstrates how to remove the brace by popping both dials, which releases the tension and opens the brace. Even when opened, the interior panel remains Velcroed in place, making re-application straightforward.

The video ends with a complete view of the 627 Exos back brace, showcasing its ease of use, adjustable fit, and the support it offers. This detailed demonstration serves as an informative guide for individuals who might use the Exos 627b back brace, ensuring they understand its functionality and benefits.