How To Use The Hip Pad For Breg Cube & Breg Glacier

Steve and Michelle from My Cold Therapy recently provided an insightful training on how to effectively use the Breg Polar Care Cube hip pads. Watch by clicking the thumbnail below or read the following summary.


Understanding the Basics of Cold Therapy with the Breg Polar Care Cube Pads 

We emphasized the importance of selecting the correct pad and part number, which can be found on the pad's label. It's crucial to note that once the sealed bag of the pad is opened, it cannot be returned. They also highlighted the different connectors for the Cube and Kodiak systems, ensuring users order the correct pad. Additionally, a skin warning flyer is included with each pad, advising against direct skin contact to prevent damage or frostbite.

Proper Application and Skin Protection Techniques

During the training, the focus shifted to the correct application of the cold therapy pad. Steve and Michelle advised using sterile pads or a thin towel to protect the skin, as direct contact is not recommended. They demonstrated how to open the sealed package, remove the dressing, and attach it to the pad. The importance of following the universal protocol for cold therapy – 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off – was also stressed. They reminded viewers to consult with their doctor for any specific instructions while using the device.

Customizing Fit and Ensuring Comfort

The final part of the training covered how to comfortably and securely fit the pad onto the body. The hip pad, for example, comes with two adjustable straps to accommodate different body types. Steve and Michelle showed how to attach these straps around the waist and thigh, offering tips like trimming the straps if they're too long. They also demonstrated how to connect the pad to the cooler and ensure it's in place securely. The training concluded with a helpful tip about using freeze bags in the cooler for ease and efficiency, especially for those who might be using the device alone.

This comprehensive training by Steve and Michelle not only provided step-by-step instructions on using the Breg Polar Care Cube pads but also emphasized safety and comfort, ensuring an effective cold therapy experience.