How To Use The Knee Pad For The Breg Cube & Breg Glacier

In the realm of rehabilitation and pain management, cold therapy stands out as an effective and non-invasive method for alleviating discomfort and swelling, particularly after surgery or intense physical exertion. Recently, Steve and Michelle from My Cold Therapy provided an insightful training on the proper usage of the Breg Polar Care Cube pads, a quintessential tool in cold therapy.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Cold Therapy

Steve, representing My Cold Therapy, begins by highlighting their commitment to assisting individuals in their recovery journey. Emphasizing the importance of subscribing to their channel for more informative content, Steve delves into the core of the training – a simple, step-by-step guide to using the Breg Polar Care Cube pads.

The process starts with verifying the pad's part number, an essential step to ensure compatibility with the cold therapy device. This precaution is vital as once the sealed bag of the pad is opened, it cannot be returned.

Key Considerations for Safe and Effective Usage

Michelle takes over to emphasize the importance of selecting the correct pad for your specific device, whether it's the Cube or Kodiak system. She points out the necessity of a skin warning flyer, a critical reminder to never place the cold pad directly onto the skin to avoid potential harm, such as frostbite.

Following the universal protocol of '20 minutes on, 20 minutes off' for cold therapy is advised, and consulting with a doctor for personalized instructions is always recommended. To safeguard the skin, My Cold Therapy offers sterile pads, although a thin towel or t-shirt can also serve as a protective layer.

Applying the Cold Therapy Pad

Michelle guides viewers through the application process. It involves opening the sealed package, removing the dressing, and attaching it to the pad. Once the dressing is securely in place, it can be applied to the targeted body part. For instance, the knee pad features adjustable Velcro straps to ensure a snug fit, adaptable to individual needs.

Connecting the Pad to the Cold Therapy Device

The next step involves connecting the hose from the cooler to the pad. Michelle points out the necessity of hearing a 'snap' sound to confirm a secure connection. The power cord then needs to be plugged into the cooler and subsequently into a wall outlet. Ideally, the cooler should be positioned level with the body part being treated, although it can also be placed on the floor or a chair.

Enhancing the Cold Therapy Experience

Steve and Michelle's expertise shines through as they introduce their number one trick to streamline the cold therapy experience. They recommend using freeze bags, available in packs of twelve, to be placed in the cooler. This technique is particularly beneficial for those managing their therapy independently, as it reduces the need for constantly replenishing ice.

Concluding the session, Steve reinforces the value of this method in enhancing the cold therapy experience. He invites feedback and interaction through comments, likes, and encourages viewers to subscribe for more insightful content. This training session with My Cold Therapy not only educates but also empowers individuals in their recovery journey, enabling them to get back to living life to the fullest.

This comprehensive guide provided by Steve and Michelle from My Cold Therapy serves as a testament to their commitment to helping people manage pain and swelling effectively through cold therapy. The detailed instructions and practical tips ensure that users can confidently and safely utilize the Breg Polar Care Cube pads, making their recovery process smoother and more comfortable.