The Definitive Guide to the DonJoy FullStop Knee Brace: A Superior ACL Knee Brace for Athletes

DonJoy® Bionic Fullstop Knee Braces

ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injuries are very common accounting for approximately 100,000-200,000 in the US each year. The great news is that athletes often recover from an ACL tear through arthroscopic knee surgery.

Who typically tears their ACL?

Are there difference between men and women when it comes to ACL injuries?  Great question!  Orthopedic studies confirm that female athletes at 2-10x times greater risk than males depending on the sport.  In soccer, females are 3-5x times more likely to sustain an ACL tear. Among basketball players, females are at 2-7x times greater risk. So dependent upon your sex and which sport you play, you could be at a greater risk of an ACL injury. So how do we treat ACL tears?

Modern Day Procedures and Medicine

DonJoy® Bionic Fullstop Knee Braces

As orthopedic medicine has evolved, the issue is whether we can not fix the torn ACL: the issue is how does your surgeon successfully return you to your sport and prevent a re-injury of the ACL.

Technically speaking, revision ACL surgeries are pretty tough to accomplish and given your geographical location, there are probably only a few surgeons who are very proficient at a revision ACL surgery. So to avoid a re-injury, a product like the DonJoy Perfomance FullStop Knee Brace is pivotal in the recovery process. 

Let's get some science!

The hinges on the DonJoy FullStop Bionic Knee Brace engage at 145° and come to a full stop, preventing hyperextension at 170°. This full stop keeps your knee out of the “at-risk” position of where most ACL tears tend to happen. The dampening of the hinges help train your muscles to keep your knee, whether brace or un-braced, out of the “at-risk” zone. The brace also anchors itself to your leg in a patented "Four Points of Leverage" which helps ensure your ACL remains in the correct position while playing sports. Boom! #Knowledge

Design Matters

The Bionic Knee Brace is made out of a combination of neoprene and breathable mesh to maximize comfort through temperature regulation and provide compression. You can also wear an undersleeve to prevent odor and sweat build up which will allow your brace to last longer--and be more tolerable on your nose after a long season!

DonJoy® Bionic Fullstop Knee Braces

The full stop dampening hinges are where the real "magic" happens. The hinges stop your knee from going beyond 170 degrees which is where ACL tears can occur. This helps to train your muscles in your knees so that your body knows to not go past the 170 degree mark. 

At, we keep in-stock small through XL sizes and ship the same day if your order is placed by the appropriate cut off times (Shipping). So if your surgeon suggested the Performance Bionic knee brace from DonJoy, we have you covered. 

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Recommended for: ACL Injury, Meniscus Injury, Joint Instability, Ligament Tears and Sprains, Hyperextension, Patella Instability

Activities: football, soccer, skiing, snowboarding, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, running

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