What Features to Look for in a Cold Therapy Device

For centuries, we have been using ice packs to treat soft tissue injuries and ease swelling. However, this traditional practice quickly fades, giving way to new and more effective cold therapy systems. These machines have become very popular among medical doctors and physical therapists who deal with serious cases of sprains, arthritis pain, inflammation, lower back pain, tendonitis, runner’s knee, and other soft tissue injuries.

These cold therapy machines are typically used for cold compression therapy, also known as cryotherapy, which combines the cold effect with compression to ease pain, swelling, and inflammation. Compared to the traditional ice packs, cold therapy systems have been shown to deliver effective results quickly. But for you to enjoy these benefits, you have to choose the right cold therapy system. This article tells you some of the critical features to look for in a cold therapy system.


Compact and Lightweight

Since you will be using your cold therapy machine while you are in pain or fatigued, it should be easy to move around with. Therefore, you should go for a unit that small in size and lightweight. Fortunately, most of the latest cold therapy machines are fully compact and portable.

Motor with Several Power Settings

An excellent cold therapy device should be fully motorized to make it easy for you to operate it even when exhausted. A non-motorized unit will require you to apply your pressure to compress the wound, ending up draining the little energy you are left with. The unit you choose should also have several power settings to allow you to choose the speed and amount of compression you need.

Brushless Motor

A brushless motor allows your cold therapy machine to run quietly so you can enjoy peace and quiet while you treat your wound. Besides eliminating the disruptive noise, a brushless motor also helps you save on your energy costs because it requires little power to operate.

Universal Arctic Flow Pad and Cuff

Ensure that the unit you choose has suitable arctic flow pads and cuffs with a universal fit. This means that the cuffs and pads are compatible with different types of gravity coolers. They should also be worn on either the left or right leg and hand.

Built-in Timer and Remote Control

Your cold therapy machine should have a built-in timer to allow you to set the duration for each session for safety purposes. It should also have a remote control to help you operate it from the comfort of your bed or couch.