Why You Need Ice Freeze Bags For Your Cold Therapy Device

Advice From The Lab (Otherwise Known As My Kitchen):

I have been experimenting with ice freeze bags versus standard storage bags and water bottles. I have discovered that the ice freeze bags are amazing! They don’t drip or tear: I wish I had ice freeze bags for boo boos when my children were little! Read below to find out the advantages of using the ice freeze bags and here from our customers:

Why you need ice freeze bags for your cold therapy device:

  • Saves Time: Ice freeze bags only need to be filled with water once before being frozen. Although some folks use water bottles, this is time consuming: The water bottle label and adhesive must be completely removed as to not void the manufacture’s warranty. Who has time for that after surgery?
  • Less Cost: Ice freeze bags are super durable which allows them to be used over and over again. Unlike standard storage bags which are made out of plastic, ice freeze bags are made out of nylon and have a double zipper that prevents leaks.
  • Peace of Mind: Cold therapy devices have room for 2-3 filled ice freeze bags at a time. By rotating bags from freezer to the device you will be assured that you will always have a supply of ice on hand to promote comfort and healing!

Information brought to you by: Dr. Dina Khentigan