Breg Polar Care Cub

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      Breg® Polar Care Cub With Wrap-On Pads

      The manually powered Polar Care Cub Cold Therapy System is a simple and cost-effective solution for patients and practitioners looking for an effective alternative to rudimentary ice therapy methods. The Cub uses a manually powered hand pump to deliver cold therapy to the treatment area. With the addition of ice and water, hours of pain relief are just a few squeezes of the pump away.


      • Physicians and patients benefit from reduced pain and swelling—follow-up visits focus on recovery, rather than pain management
      • Small, lightweight, portable and manually powered design ensures the Cub can go anywhere it’s needed—on the sidelines, or in the backyard
      • Simple, hand-powered design is intuitive
      • Broad selection of WrapOn and Polar Pads to cover the affected area (not compatible with WrapOn or Polar Ankle Pads)
      • Sterile Polar Dressings available for each part

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