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Breg® Polar Care Cube Replacement Pads

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Breg® Polar Care Cube Replacement Pads 04790
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Breg® Polar Care Cube Replacement Pads

The Breg® Wrap-On Replacement Pad features an ergonomic design, providing exceptional coverage and patient comfort. The pad connects seamlessly with the Breg Polar Care Glacier & Cube & Cub systems. See instructions below to match connection type.

  • Elastic straps offer static compression while holding the pad firmly in place.
  • WrapOn Pads may be used with the Polar Care Glacier, Cube, and Cub only.
  • IMPORTANT: Proper use requires an insulation barrier between the pad and the patient's skin.
  • The water impermeable Sterile Polar Dressings offered by Breg (sold separately here) provide a complete barrier between the pad and the patient's skin. 

**ATTENTION**: Please verify the connection type prior to ordering.  If your hose connection looks exactly like this, then you are about to order the correct pad for your device. This connection type is for the Breg Polar Care CUBE. 

  • Part # 04790 WrapOn Pad, XL Multi-Use 11.25” x 11x25”
  • Part # 04700 WrapOn Pad, Knee 10.25” x 11.25”
  • Part # 04703 WrapOn Pad, L Knee 11.5” x 12”
  • Part # 04705 WrapOn Pad, XL Knee 12.25” x 19”
  • Part # 04900 WrapOn Pad, Shoulder 12.25” x 11.5”
  • Part # 04905 WrapOn Pad, Shoulder 13” x 21.5”
  • Part # 04750 WrapOn Pad, Hip 11.5” x 12”
  • Part # 04730 WrapOn pad, Ankle 8.25” x 9.75”
  • Part # 09800 WrapOn Pad, Back 8.25” x 11”
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    Breg Polar Care Cube Regular Knee Pad

    Breg Polar Care Cube Large Knee Pad


    Breg Polar Care Cube XL Knee Pad

    Breg Polar Care Cube Multi-Use XL Pad

    Breg Polar Care Cube Hip Pad

    Breg Polar Care Cube Wrap On Shoulder Pad

    How To: Apply The Breg Polar Care Shoulder Pad By Yourself

    How To: Apply The Breg Polar Care Shoulder Pad

    PLEASE NOTE: A barrier must be applied between the Polar Pad and the patient’s skin.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 223 reviews
    connie r.
    Wrist attachment

    Highly recommend for icing broken wrist. Wonderful customer service.

    Robert V.
    Knees replaced

    I have the Glacier cooler and I'm here to tell you that there is no better cold water Is therapy on the market when I had my knees replaced I had ice packs and after 10min to 15min I was have to have someone to help me change them out and it was a pain my friend told me about her cooled and let me use it till I got mine in and I'm here to tell you wow what a big difference 8 to 9 hours it would last and cold man in telling you you better ha b e something in between you and the cold like a Towle because you will freeze your skin this thing is amazing you put ice in the cooler add a little bit of water plug it in and man it's amazing and you never have to remove the cover just disconnecte the hoses and the self seal leave you Is therapy rap on and goto the bathroom do what ever you need and when you get back just reconnect the hose and turn the cooler back on and you are good to go. Now I'm looking to have to have surgery on my rotator cuff so I pre-ordered the one that fits my shoulders so when I have the surgery I'm ready to go and I ordered one for my back as well so now I have the sleeves for you back shoulders and knees that is how mush I love it and they make them for your elbow,wrist and ankles. They are amazing.


    Very good communication and product

    Jenn B.
    Good Product

    I ordered the hip replacement pad. Quick shipping. Works as described. Great transaction, I would buy from this company again

    Kathy M.
    Cool Comfort

    This is the second Bregg Polar Care Cube pad we have purchased. The shoulder pad helped me recover easily from extensive shoulder surgery, and now the ankle pad helps my husband with a bum ankle. Bregg Polar Care Cube and all the accessory pads are life savers.