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Breg® Polar Care Cube - Dual "Y" Pad Connector

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Breg® Polar Care Cube- Dual "Y" Pad Connector


This is the Y adapter for the Polar Care Cube. This accessory allows you to connect two Breg Polar Care CUBE pads to the Breg Cube cold therapy machine to double the usage. We recommend simply freezing water bottles and placing them inside the Cube to extend the cold therapy to multiple pads. 

***Please note that this connector is for the Breg Polar Care CUBE. If you have a Breg Polar Care KODIAK, please purchase the KODIAK Y-Connector here.

The two connectors are NOT interchangeable!

IMPORTANT - Unfortunately, once a sterilized bag has been opened, we cannot accept returns or exchanges, as the item is not-re-sellable once it has been un-sealed. Please make sure you know which type of connector you need before opening the bag to avoid this costly mistake. 

Instructional Guide To The Breg® Polar Care Cube- Dual "Y" Pad Connector:

Customer Reviews

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Andrew B.
Two joints at once

The hospital sent me home with the Breg cube. I used it 24/7 for 2/12 weeks. I know I will be going back to work soon enough. I bought a ankle cuff for my ankle replacement from last year, and a extra shoulder cuff for both shoulders. The y tube connects two ice cuffs perfectly. I was worried the pump would not be strong enough, but it handled two shoulder cuffs just like it was one. Two shoulders at once chills one to the bone pretty quick but it works well.
Unfortunately the ankle cuff was defective. My Cold Therapy sent out a new one immediately and is scheduled to arrive 48 hours after I notified them. It was just like Amazon. No fuss , no muss, we will send you a new one.
This ytube allows twice the healing in the same amount of time. While I like an ice bucket for my ankle I have to sit next to it. I already lost a iPhone to the ice bucket. Apple says an iPhone 8 is submersible. That’s not true. TGF insurance. What a fiasco. The ankle ice cuff works just as well for longer periods of time and is safer for electronic devices!!! I sleep with the shoulder cuff through the night. I am weeks ahead in my Physical Therapy just because of ice and my excellent surgeon. Two at a time is the way to go. The Y-Tube allows that. Twice the healing in the same amount of time. It’s well worth the price. I can be Action Jackson tomorrow with far fewer prescription anti inflammatories or pain killers.

Too expensive

I don’t understand why rubber tubing cost $60

Christina K.
Connects easily!

Connects firmly and easily!

Robert H.
Dual Y Pad Connector

With the Y pad connector and an additional Knee Pad I will be able to apply cold therapy to both knees. Plan is to us this combination for Winter Ski Season. A Big Shout Out to My Cold Therapy in the professional manner you handled this order. Thank You, Robert