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Breg Wave Ice Bags (Kit of 12)

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Breg Wave Ice Bags (Kit of 12) 100582-000
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Breg® Ice Bags are extremely useful for extending the length of time the unit will circulate cold water. Simple add water to the bags and freeze them, and add them to your cold therapy cooler. The recirculating water stays colder for longer. Sold in a pack of 12. Keep half in the feezer and half in the unit and rotate as needed for constant cold therapy.

FDA Warning - Please do not put the cold therapy pad directly on bare skin due to risk of injury. 

Customer Reviews

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William O.

Excellent product. Very good service, delovery, etc. Highly recommended

Nancy H.
Greg Wave Ice Bags

Came promptly. Great for cutting down the amount of ice needed

Bonnie K.
Great extender to bags of ice

We use 4 of these plus a top off of cube ice to get the machine quickly/super cold. These are amazing as we were going through several bags of ice a day (3-4) requiring lots of trips to the store. Now we use less than a bag and an ice maker could likely keep up if we had one. Highly recommend. Paid for themselves if a few days.

Vincent K.
Ice Bags

Not cheap but much more efficient than ice cubes.

So convenient and efficient

Here in CA, we have no water to waste. So these are great for saving water. Though they last longer than ice, they don’t keep the water as cold, and I can really feel the difference. When used together with ice cubes, they provide the needed cold and decrease the frequency with which the Breg needs to be refilled.