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Ossur Cold Rush Compact Pads

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Ossur Cold Rush Compact Pads B-232100011
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The Össur Cold Rush Compact unit is a class 2 Medical Device as determined by the FDA. This product must be prescribed by a physician and Cold Rush Pads must never come in direct contact with the skin.

Customer Reviews

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Alice L.

Ossur Ice or Cold therapy Pad Mgr: Thank you for the quick delivery of the new Pad! However this is my second Pad in 3 mo, but my first, directly from you. I only ordered this replacement pad from you. (The other unit from Amazon but they could not replace only this part).
It came swiftly and I absolutely love the system. I have (2) challenges however, with this product. 1) I thought the pad should last longer. It separated and became flat, and would not carry the water to that part. And 2) The product design could, be changed. The place where the hoses attach, to the pad needs a better connection. The plastic attachment should be spread out further inside the pad. That would make it more stable and not allow it to twist at the connection. Thank you for asking for my response. Hope that helps to improve your product.

jack a.
Cold comptess

Works great.

Christine A.
Rush order

Very pleased that our order was exactly delivered on time. Works very well.

James R.
Pad leaked after one use

Knee pad leaked after one use. Had to order and pay for rush shipment. Please contact me

Stan Z.

Your machine works fantastic

My wife had hip replacement surgery and it worked flawlessly.
However our dog decided it was a nice toy since it's been 108 degrees outside.
I ordered the replacement and it arrived in a great timeframe.
Thank you for your quick turn around