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DonJoy® Dura Kold Cold Therapy Arthroscopic Knee Wrap

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DonJoy® Dura Kold Cold Therapy Arthroscopic Knee Wrap 11-0896-9-02000
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  • Goals DuraKold products are ideally suited for postoperative treatment of open and arthroscopic orthopedic surgeries as well as rehabilitation from sprains and strains.
  • DuraKold wraps are reusable to use extensively during rehab future general use
  • 2 hours of sustained cold
  • The DuraKold reusable Ice Wraps feature ice mats (pillows of purified water with food-grade freezing agents), sewn into an anti-microbial fabric controlling bacterial growth. 
  • The DuraKold products can effectively penetrate surgical dressings to decrease pain, edema and secondary hypoxic tissue injury.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jason Sanchez
Don Joy dura kold knee wrap

It stays cold for a good long while. The straps and sleeve are strong and made well. Unfortunately the ice pack has a high water content so when it freezes it’s rigid. I’m not a fan of that. I want it too be flexible enough to conform around my knee. Close but not quite what I’m after.

Josephine Kearney
Great pain relief

This wrap is high quality material and lasts a long time. Gets very cold and elastic Velcro wraps are very strong! I just bought Two for my husband and Myself.

Crystal Williams
Ice pack

Absolutely love my ice pack

Ranae Poogate
Love it

Love how cold it stays very comfy thank u

Susie Catalina
Total Knee Replacement

I was given two of these cold therapy knee wraps by my sister that had both of her knees replaced 20 years ago. One of the wraps was in poor shape when I received them but the other one has been helping me ice my knees down when I was in a lot of pain.
I had a total knee replacement on April 19th 2021 and I decided to purchase a new MyColdTherapy knee wrap. I figured that if the ones I was given 20 years ago were still working then I could invest in a new one. I plan on purchasing another one in a few months when I have my other knee replaced.
One of the older wraps has some issues with the Velcro but nothing that a needle and thread won't remedy.
Great product, couldn't live without mine, after one of my rehab sessions the cold wrap is the only thing that is allowing me any relief.