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DonJoy® Dura Kold Cold Therapy Arthroscopic Knee Wrap

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DonJoy® Dura Kold Cold Therapy Arthroscopic Knee Wrap 11-0896-9-02000
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  • Goals DuraKold products are ideally suited for postoperative treatment of open and arthroscopic orthopedic surgeries as well as rehabilitation from sprains and strains.
  • DuraKold wraps are reusable to use extensively during rehab future general use
  • 2 hours of sustained cold
  • The DuraKold reusable Ice Wraps feature ice mats (pillows of purified water with food-grade freezing agents), sewn into an anti-microbial fabric controlling bacterial growth. 
  • The DuraKold products can effectively penetrate surgical dressings to decrease pain, edema and secondary hypoxic tissue injury.

Standard Dura Kold Arthroscopy Knee Wrap:

Large Dura Kold Arthroscopy Knee Wrap:

XL Dura Kold Arthroscopy Knee Wrap:

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sam N.
Exactly what I was looking for

I've tried tons of different knee ice packs and this one is the best. Soft, flexible, ice cold, etc. Everything you need from a great ice pack. Thank you!

Judy J.
Best ice pack ever!

I have had knee problems and surgeries for the past 40 years. I finally broke down and had knee replacement surgery on my right knee. Upon leaving the hospital I was given one of these ice packs. It worked so well that I purchased another since I am icing for 1/2 hour out of every 2 hours. Works Great! I would highly recommend it for anyone with knee issues.

Jan T.
DuraKold Knee Wrap

Having issues in both knees (with 1 total knee replacement complete and the 2nd one pending) use of the DuraKold Knee Wrap is part of my daily routine. I love how convenient it is to use! The fact I can use on either knee is a plus. Wrapping then elevating the knee is relaxing, but you are also capable of some mobility while using which adds to its flexibility. It easily tucks away in your freezer (about the size of a pizza box). The well constructed wrap is simple to place around your knee then fit snugly with its strong velcro straps.

Do your knees a favor and order this today!

Jason S.
Don Joy dura kold knee wrap

It stays cold for a good long while. The straps and sleeve are strong and made well. Unfortunately the ice pack has a high water content so when it freezes it’s rigid. I’m not a fan of that. I want it too be flexible enough to conform around my knee. Close but not quite what I’m after.

Josephine K.
Great pain relief

This wrap is high quality material and lasts a long time. Gets very cold and elastic Velcro wraps are very strong! I just bought Two for my husband and Myself.