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EXOS® FORM™ II 627   300627-40
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The Exos FORM™ II 627 (with anterior panel) provides relief from a wide range of indications from mild to acute lower back pain, as well as post-operative support. The Exos FORM™ II 627 provides sagittal control and support from L-1 to L-5.

  • ComfortCORE™ Foam Conforms to the unique contours of a patient’s body, adjusts to individual movements.

  • Diamond2 Grid™

  • Boa® Technology Independent superior and inferior compression delivered through an innovative closure system.

  • Adjustable Belt Wings Modifiable belt accommodates varying patient body structures for optimal fit.

  • Modular Design Step-up / Step-down design allows for single brace use through rehabilitation and recovery.

  • Semi-Universal Sizing Removable circumference tape allows for accurate patient sizing.


300627-40 (Bracing and Supports) EXOS FORM II 627 28 - 50 in (71 - 127 cm) ≤ 69 in (≤ 175 cm) S/M
300627-60 (Bracing and Supports) EXOS FORM II 627 51 - 61 in (130 - 155cm) ≥ 69 in (≥ 175 cm) L/XL
305627-40 (Recovery Sciences) EXOS FORM II 627 28 - 50 in (71 - 127 cm) ≤ 69 in (≤ 175 cm) S/M
305627-60 (Recovery Sciences) EXOS FORM II 627 51 - 61 in (130 - 155cm) ≥ 69 in (≥ 175 cm) L/XL

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pete V.

Have been using this back brace for 3 years now it last approximately 1 year and I have to replace it due to the wire breaks, I am hard on the brace due my work. Last year I ordered from a different vendor and now that vendor want to get rich quick, I found my cold therapy and I am very happy with them.

Gerald L.
quick response and considerate flexability

My old EXOS II back brace broke, I popped a wire. It can happen over time, not really a product problem. I'm hard on braces, this brace literally holds my spine stable during the day so I can manage the tasks of life. It dramatically extends the number of steps I can take and still manage the pain during the day. Being without it is a big problem. Think of the brace like a variable tension exoskeleton.

I ordered a replacement brace with expedited shipping (of course). The next day when processing the order, the merchant (My Cold Therapy), realized that the shipping company would be delayed due to weather. They took the initiative to route via a different company for timely delivery without any additional cost to me. What wonderful consideration, getting the brace quickly put me back in action.
And I received a remarkable good price an the brace to begin with, what a blessing!