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Exos FORM™ II 621 SI Joint Back Brace

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Exos FORM™ II 621 SI Joint Back Brace   300621-60
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Is the EXOS FORM™ II 621 SI Joint Back Brace right for me?

This belt is for SI (sacroiliac) pain and dysfunction and lower back pain and strains. It helps relieve pain resulting from standing or sitting for extended periods of time while supporting the hips.

The Exos FORM II 621 compresses the sacroiliac joints while supporting the back, hip, and legs. Wraparound design is simple to adjust for a comfortable fit and controlled pressure. The pulley system is easy to use, enabling you to fit the tension exactly as you need. Designed with a Diamond2 Grid™ construct for a more durable and longer-wearing brace, this belt delivers support with a low profile design.

  • Pulley Lacing System provides smooth and uniform compression, allowing you to customize the tension.
  • Diamond Grid System improves durability to prolong use of the brace.
  • Silicone Grip prevents the support brace from migrating and 'locks' the hips in place
  • Materials: Nylon, Polyethylene, Polyester, Silicone, Elastic
  1. Apply the brace by centering the Rear Panel Section at the midline so that the belt is just above the tailbone.

  2. Wrap the belt wings in front, approximately 1" (2.5cm) above the widest part of the hips and secure the hook on the front side of you.

  3. Before tightening the brace, make sure the Rear Panel Section is positioned evenly on both sides of you. In order to achieve optimal comfort and fit, it may be necessary to readjust and reposition the two Belt Wings to the Rear Panel Section.

  4. To apply compression, grasp the Pull Tab with the thumb and pull away from the body until reaching the desired compression, then secure the Pull Tab to the Belt Wing.






  28 - 50in (71 - 127cm)

  ≤ 69in (≤ 175cm)


  51 - 61in (130 - 155cm)

  ≥ 69in (≥ 175cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Judy O.
Si joint lower lumbar brave

Fits great and love it. I measured my waist ordered a s/m replaced my older one . I need my brace daily . Will order from them again. Thank you

Kathy H.
Incorrect sizing on line

I ordered by the size guide online. When the item arrived it was totally different measurement than on line.the brochure gave totally different measurements. I had to return it and request a different size.
I’m waiting for it to arrive. I hope its correct this time.

Violet M.
My back brace

It is fine. It fits well and helps my back. I used this brace in a rehab hospital so I knew what I was getting. Thank you for your prompt service.