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Light Cushion Compression Socks - Quarter Cut

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Light Cushion Compression Socks - Quarter Cut 6681199-M
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Cushioned sole & heel compression socks are designed for comfort and all day durability. Whether you are standing or walking all day, compression socks help prevent aching legs, ankles & feet. 

  • High Performance Nylon provides natural moisture management
  • 3 zones of compression increases leg energy, circulation & stamina
  • Seamless toe enclosure. Perfect for under-layering. 

Lightweight (15-20 mmGh) compression socks are designed to provide extra light-duty comfort and foot swelling relief for those on their feet all day. Great for use while pregnant, relief from minor varicose veins and tired/aching legs.

Fabric Content

  • Made with high-quality, eco-friendly, certified sustainable Black Reprieve® nylon
  • Constructed of 90% Post-Consumer Reprieve® Nylon & 10% Spandex.
  • Soft & durable.
  • Latex-Free.
  • Proudly made in North Carolina, USA. 


Knee High, Open Toe, and Sleeve Compression Sock Sizing

Printable tape measure

7.5 - 8.25 11 - 14.5 5.5 - 7
MEDIUM 8.25 - 9.5 14.5 - 16 7 - 9
LARGE ​9.5 - 11.5  16 - 18 9 - 10
X-LARGE 11.5 - 13 18 - 20 10 - 11.5
XX-LARGE 13 - 14.5 20 - 22 11.5 - 13
PLUS SIZE 1 11.5 - 13 20 - 22 7 - 11
PLUS SIZE 2 13 - 14.5 22 - 24 7 - 13

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent Compression Socks

I had total right knee replacement surgery. There’s still swelling and inflammation in my ankle. I tried ankle-high compression socks from another brand, but the top of the sock bothered my ankle. I didn't need knee-high socks. I wanted compression socks that fit above the ankle. The Quarter Cut socks are those socks. They provide compression where needed, and are comfortable wearing all day. I would have preferred machine-washed, to hand-washed, but that’s a minor issue.

Michael thank you for the review. These socks are very comfortable and a game changer. I wear mine every day now. You CAN machine wash on gentle. Please do not ever put them in the dryer. Good luck with the socks!

steve k.
If you are considering buying this item, do not contemplate anymore - JUST BUY THEM!

I bought 2 pairs of these socks. One for my fiancé who works on his feet for 16 hours a day and the other, for my grandmother whose feet were swollen due to her recent knee surgery. My fiancé walked in the door from work on the first day wearing these and insisted I immediately order more. He said after being on a ladder for five hours that day, his feet still felt fantastic. He also liked that the socks did a really great job at circulating the blood.
My grandmothers feedback was almost identical. She told me to hurry up and "order her 20 more pairs" because she was never putting anything else on her feet, swollen or not.
At first she said she didn't think they would do anything for her but after just a short amount of time wearing them, the swelling in her feet went down dramatically and she knew she needed more.
I just placed an order for her, my fiancé and myself because after feedback like that - I have to try them!
Thank you My Cold Therapy, we are now lifelong customers!